It all started 2005 when my passion for historical weapons found its way to reality. Miniature Arsenal was born in the basement of a museum, housing most historical weapons available in the world. Together with real gun specialists, 3D-Simulation engineers and people who really know all about weapons, the biggest reverse engineering project ever started. Practically the complete history of small weapons found its way into more than 150 models, all available in 3D machine drawings and built for collectors all over the world.

Doing this inspired me, encouraged by my wife Suzana, to go further and not limit myself to miniatures, which are the most complex products in itself. Together with my former partner the idea was born to develop something new. Something that happens only every other decade in our lives. The brilliant idea of a new lock was born: The AF-Speedlock. Based on this lock, which promised unique features to any handgun, due to its characteristics of avoiding a tilting lock like the browning lock, a team in firearm R&D, ballistic research and real life operative police and military users of small weapons, have produced a totally unique and fresh approach designing a new pistol: The STRIKE ONE. Many thousands sold proved that the new technology is a real breakthrough in the market and higher targets where set. Beside the development of the famous 1911 double barrel pistols, also featured in the last James Bond movie, in record time, another creative gun innovator was added to the team: Mike Brown. He brought fresh ideas into a new line of rifles.

Dmitri Strechinski

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